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Tpms Asuki-TS01
Tpms Asuki-TS01Tpms Asuki-TS01Tpms Asuki-TS01
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Model: Tpms Asuki-TS01
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Updated: 2018-03-08 15:01
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Each sensor has its own unique ID number and a label shown tire position (L1/R1/R2/L2) sticks to it.



TPMS is a driver safety assistance system by detecting and monitoring tires’ pressure of a vehicle


It can gather the important information of each tire, such as tire pressure, tire temperature and battery power


It can remind a driver of tire operating status to reduce possibility of breaking down


When detecting abnormal tire status, there shall be alert by sound or light to remind the driver


 NCC Certification

IP66 Certification